How about a new guild direction ?

Remilia Grim

Ok, so last night I had a revelation. Due to some comments I got after the DS pug. Everything came together:

I suddenly knew exactly why Bladesong fell apart and why this direction we are currently on is failing.

1. Wildstar raiding is hard. It is. Its important to have clear calls, and solid support staff to fill those roles, and we have been super lacking in that department. (me included) We are working on it :)

2. Pugs are not the solution to any problem with the raids. Pugs are not the way. 

3. By slowly building the new core we also get more manageable raids, when more people find out/get experience how how good Wildstar raids is, its gonna have a snowball effect. All these (5-6k) fresh 50's wanna raid, they just dont know it yet.

So my plan is to step back from Datascape (!?) to focus on building a new core through GA.

Maybe go on a SD now and again to keep people in. If my long term plan is successful I should only take 2-3 weeks to have a new core average ilvl 100+. We can then use our new core to progress in DS again. And with our old experience and knowledge that should take considerable less amount of time than the progression we already did.

This might be boring for some of our old and seasoned DS raiders, but I truly belive this is what we have to do to keep the guild going.


Yes, our ultimate goal is to clear all the 20-man content in this game.

This includes Datascape (even Avatus), Normal Augmentors and Hardmentors. And in August Red Moon Terror.

Stick around, its an awesome guild with lots of great people, there is still lots of fun to be had :)

- Isilda Knox


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