When dreams are coming true

Remilia Grim
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Avatus is dead! Finally!

Most of new core started as a child, with no knowledge about this game. And we all walked this way together from x-89 progression to Avatus kill. Path wasn't easy, but we had conquer all difficulties and now we are all here, victorious.

Sometimes we are missing about the old core. And maybe old core were good, but they haven't killed Avatus. While new Core - did. We all together overcome guild old achievements and now we are moving forward - to unseen Redmoon Terror.

I am very proud about each and every one of you. You all have done a great job. But there are still so many things to improve and to conquer. So our journey is far-far from ending.

So lets go forward, set Avatus on farm, and kill the rest of pairs. Especially hard ones like Water+Fire. No one will match our power. And after that we can finaly progress Redmoon Terror. Raid on which there are no guides, raid where too many things unknown, so we all would be investigating them together and progressing till finale.

And let Laveka's head be hanged on wall of every guildie!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect


Hanna Wingsy

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